Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Currently!

Linking up with Farley for the January Currently!

Jake got the new Call of Duty game for Christmas and it is all that he does these days! In a month or two he will be tired of playing it and never play it again. Typical.

I really enjoy long breaks from work. and this one has been really nice BUT it seems to be going by really fast.. only 6 more days left????? (tear)

It has been SO long since I have gone to the grocery store that just thinking about all the stuff that I have to get is giving me anxiety.

GOOD GRIEF!! My house looks like a disaster zone! Christmas was very good to us but not to our house! we have things everywhere it seems. It is defiantly time to re organize and get things together. I guess that would be a good new years resolution!

I feel like sick bug coming on and I don't like it. My throat has been hurting all day today. I just cant afford to be getting sick right now..i cant... i refuse.

And my one little word is Peace.. Peace is something that I hope to achieve in this next year... Peace from all the anxiety and pressures that I have.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years

2012  was a life changing year for us!!! Here's to 2013 and everything it has in store!! Happy New year everyone!

9 Months

I am way late on this but I guess better late then never right?

Jett is a very active 9 month old boy! Here is the update!

  • He loves the TV still
  • He STILL has no teeth... I'm begging to wonder if he will ever have teeth
  • He crawls super fast and he goes EVERYWHERE
  • He loves food. hes a little chunk!
  • He has some issues with his ears, we cant seem to get over sickness with him
  • Loves his Grandmas
  • He wears 18 months clothes
  • Hates his car seat
  • Super Funny
  • Likes to stand up in the bathtub
  • Likes to do everything opposite Mom tells him
  • talks alot.. and when i say talk i mean scream!
  • Getting more and more hair
  • Almost walking! He can walk around tables
  • Very Curious.. he likes to examine things
  • Likes to people watch
  • Loves Beans
Jett is so much fun right now! He is into everything and keeps us on our toes! Cant wait to see how much he changes this next month! Love you baby boy!

Monday, December 3, 2012

December Currently and Birthday!

I can't believe that there are 3 more weeks until Christmas... where does the time go? Here is my December Currently!

Jett has really come into his voice! and so lately whenever he wants something or is just tired he will defiantly let me know! He is such a mess... sure do love him!!

I cant believe that there are 3 weeks until Christmas break! Even though we just had a week off for Thanksgiving I need another break.. like yesterday!

Friday was my birthday! Turned the big 25! I had such a great day! Everyone Spoiled me so much. If you remember in my last currently about wanting a certain Michael Kors bag.. welllll I GOT IT AND I LOVE IT!!!

I also got some beautiful David Yorman earrings! All from the wonderful Boy! Love him!

I also got some Uggs, Vera Bradley, Coffee Cups, Snowman and lots more! I was completely spoiled.. don't know if I deserved it all!! :)

Jett liked helping me open the gifts!

Again thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes and wonderful presents!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Glance at last week!

Hello Everyone! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great one ourselves. Jett and I had the week off and it was WONDERFUL! Here are some pictures from last week! Enjoy!

1. One our first day off last week Jett got crazy and decided to dump every single toy out of his bucket and turn it over and try to stand on it... I was scared he was going to break his neck!

2. Jett found out the hard way that paper does not taste that great!

3. I put some Christmas decorations outside our house this year! It's not much but its something!

4. Aunt Taylor taught Jett how to play the piano over the break!! He loved it!

5. Jett on his first Thanksgiving! We ate alot and it was a great time! Jett has his own thanksgiving meal of Turkey and Sweet Potatoes! Yummmy!

6. Jett and I went shopping on Friday a little bit to get the last minute Black Friday Deals! He had a great time..( not )

7. Lisa and I went to Hobby Lobby to check out the 50% sale on Christmas items. As you can see we got too much stuff!

8. Jett got to try out Eggs this past weekend! He liked them. He actually played in them more then he fed himself!

9. And Finally my Christmas Tree!!! its not much but I just love it! I told Jake that I wanted to keep the tree up all year long and he said No really quickly... Don't understand why :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fonts, Fonts, Fonts I love Fonts!

I'm doing another post tonight because I wanted to share the Fonts that I have made on my new font making app!! I love cool fonts so I haven't been able to put my Ipad down!! So much fun!


So fun! I am posting the links so if any one of you want to  use them for some reason or you just like them you can get them for yourselves!!!

 Dilly Dally
Lefty Smelty
Big Oh Blogs
 Sunny Side
Pretty Bird