Monday, December 31, 2012

9 Months

I am way late on this but I guess better late then never right?

Jett is a very active 9 month old boy! Here is the update!

  • He loves the TV still
  • He STILL has no teeth... I'm begging to wonder if he will ever have teeth
  • He crawls super fast and he goes EVERYWHERE
  • He loves food. hes a little chunk!
  • He has some issues with his ears, we cant seem to get over sickness with him
  • Loves his Grandmas
  • He wears 18 months clothes
  • Hates his car seat
  • Super Funny
  • Likes to stand up in the bathtub
  • Likes to do everything opposite Mom tells him
  • talks alot.. and when i say talk i mean scream!
  • Getting more and more hair
  • Almost walking! He can walk around tables
  • Very Curious.. he likes to examine things
  • Likes to people watch
  • Loves Beans
Jett is so much fun right now! He is into everything and keeps us on our toes! Cant wait to see how much he changes this next month! Love you baby boy!

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