Monday, August 13, 2012

Feeling Like an Olympian

We have REALLY enjoyed watching the Olympics

We are so sad that it is over (seriously there is nothing on tv now)

As I spent everyday (allday) these past 2 weeks watching everything,  I mean everything, water polo? bad mitten? rhythmic gymnastics? I have realized a few things..
1. I am more patriotic during Olympics.. I should take pride in my country more then I do.
2. In my next life I WILL be a Olympic gymnast, or one of the FAB FIVE
3. I LOVE Misty May Treanor & Karie Walsh Jennings. Their beach bods are ridiculous. I am Jealous.
4. Jett will be the next Michael Phelps  (a momma can hope!)
5. I love the Royal family even more! I love British people even more! I am now a fan of Team GBR
6. Missy Franklin is too PERFECT. Seriously she needs to be my friend. I feel like she would make me feel so great about myself!
7. I want a Gold medal.
8. I really want to go to London. I think that I might really like it there. (I secretly want to be British)
9. Ralph Lauren should never be able to design the Olympians opening/closing ceremonies anymore.
10. One Direction and Spice girls performing was the best decision the Olympic committee made!

What was everyone else's favorite events? Did anyone else fall more in love with England? What is everyone watching now that the Olympics are over?

Hope everyone is enjoying their Monday. I am! (my house is clean and baby is asleep!! hallelujah)

<3 Jessica

Sunday, August 5, 2012

5 Months Old

  • Started rolling over last month just every now and then, but now he rolls over every time he is put down.
  • He really enjoys cereal, and cant wait til he can eat more yummy food.
  • Teething like crazy, still cant break a tooth through..
  • Sleeps all night which is awesome! BUT he hardly takes a nap dring the day when he is home!
  • Likes to be scared! thats when he laughs the most.
  • Started getting the hang of his bouncer seat!
  • Wants mom and dads attention all the time.
  • Laughs when mom gets on to him.
  • Toots and then laughs when he knows someone noticed.
  • Always has a smile on his face.
  • Has a little bit of a congestion problem.. but nothing to be alarmed about.
  • Likes to cuddle with mom while he sleeps
  • He is a pro at Facetime!
  • Loves listening to music.
  • Olympic Swimmer in training. Next Michael Phelps
  • LOVES the tv.
These past 5 Months I have shed many tears, slept very little, been thrown up on a billion times and had many times where I thought I was going to break! That is until Jett gives me that sweet little smile I remember how incredibly blessed I am. Bring on the next 5 months! :)

<3 Jessica