Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I have been so terrible at keeping updated, my computer has a virus on it so I havnt been able to use it.. bummer

Well since my last update I had my first Baby Shower in Amarillo! It was awesome! I was so happy with what i got and very thankful to everyone that came!

I was so glad that some of my best friends came!

I loved the candle handouts that my mom made!! In case you cant read it, it says:
Here's a candle for you to light,
Once the stork has made its flight,
With the flicker of the flame, Say a prayer in the baby's name.
Jett Barrow Hinds..

Blue m&m's that say "its a boy" and Jett on them!! <3'd them

The cute tabel with all the goodies on it!!

Jett ended up getting ALOT of amazing gifts! he is already spoiled!

I went to the doctor on the 16th he said that everything was looking good except that I had gained a little more weight then they would like, and NO more SUGAR or SALT.. I'm really not ok with that because all i ever grave is sugar and salt. but i have been bad and have had ONE sugary drink this week! I just cant do it!  But i guess i need to stop that before i get into trouble :)
We now only have about 9 more weeks to go! eekk i cant believe that its almost time.. im freaking out just a little bit.. (ok maybe alot) but i think that Jake and I are ready!