Thursday, June 21, 2012

A year ago this month my life was changed forever.

Looking back on that day and the days following, I get really upset with myself because i remember sitting there in the bathroom waiting to know the answer, hoping and praying that it would be negative, and literally crying my eyes out when it was not. All I could think about was what were my parents going to say, what were my friends going to think and how would everyone else see me, would they look at me differently? lose respect for me? think horrible things of me? did i dissapoint everyone i loved?I was teriffied.

But the day  Jett came all those insecurities and caring about what people thought went out the window. The only opinion that matters to me now is the little boy that i get to hold every night (and his dad ofcourse)

 Everything that I had feared and cried about a year ago seems so incredibly silly when that sweet boy grabs my hand while he sleeps,when he will stare at Jake for hours when he is home and whenever I see that precious smile.

I tell my baby every day I love him  a million times and kiss his sweet face until my lips feel numb. 
 I thank God everyday for not answering my prayers a year ago in that bathroom.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh, Baby Boy, My Joy, My Joy!
How blessed I am to have you Baby Boy!

Jett and I had an agreement that he was going to stay a little baby forever, looks like he is not keeping his side of the deal because tomorrow he turns 3 months old..

He is too big and too precious.